State Development Corporation specialises in the development of retail centres, commercial office buildings and industrial projects in Queensland, Australia. We provide our valued customers with a range of services including:

Site Identification
We work closely with experienced real estate agents and consultants to identify suitable sites for a wide variety of tenants, both in the retail and commercial markets. Clients include private companies, large publicly listed companies, as well as State and Federal Governments.

Liaising with Major Tenants
We are constantly talking, both directly and indirectly to major tenants to identify their key requirements. We constantly utilise our vast range of contacts to find suitable locations for our clients.

Due Diligence
Due diligence is one of the most important aspects of a project. We carefully check all the details of a site in due diligence, carrying out an extensive range of inquiries to ensure the site has the best chance of success if developed. This helps to manage risk and identify issues that could seriously affect the success of a project.

Feasibility Analysis
We complete a full feasibility for a project, that is constantly monitored and refined throughout the development process. The State Development Corporation has developed a number of computer based feasibility models, that are used to forecast profitability, cash flow and end values.

Appoint all consultants
At the commencement of each project we select a team of qualified consultants that will meet the specific needs of that project. Then throughout the planning and design phase we liaise with all parties to ensure each project meets all criteria set by all relevant authorities and our own high standards.

Leasing and sales
State Development Corporation appoints various agents for the leasing, sale and management of a project, from the initial phase of the development, through construction and even after completion. We coordinate these agents and ensure that negotiations represent the best value for our clients.

We coordinate and handle all documentation regarding the development including leases, sales contracts, building contracts, consultant’s agreements etc.

With our project managing capability, we oversee the design, approval and implementation stages of the construction process and report regularly on the progress of each stage.

This is undertaken monthly or as required and can be made available to our partners, financiers, major tenants and clients.

Cost Control
During a project we maintain a constant review of costs against original estimates. We review the feasibility regularly during construction to ensure that the proper checks and balances are being maintained. In this way if a cost is out, we can move quickly to rectify the imbalance.

On completion we take care to ensure that a number of matters are finalised. These include finalisation of all reports such as manufacturers handbooks, warranties, manuals etc.

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